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💥 HYPNOTIZE ANYONE IN 30 SECONDS OR LESS FOR FUN, PROFIT & FAME 28 Days Whatsapp Workshop Starting 8th October

💥 Video:

💥 By Renowned Hypnotherapist, NLP Trainer  MR. PRADEEP AGGARWAL – Practicing Since 43 years, More than 5 lakh People Attended live Training Program In 180 Countries.

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💥 What You Will Get:

💥 More than 80 HD Videos that includes:

👉 19 Imagination Games/Suggestibility Tests
👉 12 Rapid Hypnotic Inductions
👉 7 Instant Hypnotic Inductions
👉 Deepening Techniques
👉 Awakening Techniques
👉 3 Videos Converting Imagination Games into Hypnotic Inductions
👉 Group Hypnosis
👉 5 Therapy Techniques
👉 Pain Management
👉 Using Imagery For Healing
👉 4 PDFs
👉 Self Hypnosis Audio

💥 This Course Is For You, if;
👉 You want to become a Master Hypnotist
👉 You want to use hypnosis to help yourself and others
👉 You want to hypnotize Others
👉 You want to amaze your Friends
👉 You want to give Demos
👉 You want to add hypnosis to your professional toolkit.
👉 You want to Hypnotize Groups
👉 You want to create irresistible Rapport & Connection 
👉 You want to do Instant Induction

💥 Advantages
👉You can start your own hypnosis profession or just play around in your spare time.

💥 Course Starts 8th October
💥 Includes  : 80+ HD Videos, 1 Audio ,4 Pdfs.
💥 At The End of the Course You Will Be Getting Certificate.
💥 Normal Price Rs.11,800/- One time offer only Rs. 1100/- + Rs.198/-(GST) = Rs. 1298/-.  International Price $25

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Aakashic Book Records

Aatma Namaste Dear all

On this New Year God’s Love brings you Gift of Aakashic Records Reading and Rectification...

🌻 Do you have issues that you have no answer for?
🌻 Life is stuck??
🌻 No life partner?
🌻 No Progress in Career?
🌻 Bad Relationships?
🌻 Bad Health?
🌻 Need of Answers ?

Get your Aakashic Records Reading and Rectification only at 1500/- over the phone.

Dr. Cheryl Dabhi



Navratri Chakra Cleansing @ 1111/- Most important due to effects of CoRoNa 

Sharad Navratri will start on 7th October to 15th October.

🌺Sharad Navratri is nine days festival which starts on the first day of Hindu Luni-Solar calendar and falls in the month of Sharad. 

🌺 During Navratri all Nine days are dedicated to Nine Forms of Goddess Shakti/ Maa Parwati.
🌺 Remove all the Blockages in your Progress, Success, Abundance, Wealth, Happiness.

🌺 Sharad Navratri Chakra Cleansing will start on 5th October to 18th Oct @ 1111/-
Total 14 Day Cleansing Session…

🌺Two days in advance prepare your body for the Shuddhikaran of all Chakras
N two days after the Navratri to Balance all the Chakras after the Purification and to Balance your Yin-Yang
🌺All you have to do is consume Activated Water. 
🌺And Every Day of Navratri play the Video given once or twice.
🌺Rest God Love +Maa Energy Healing will be channeled by me.

Thank you.
Dr  Cheryl Dabhi


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