Practical Ways of Changing Old Habits or Beliefs

A useful method for transforming habits is that of conscious disassociation. This involves avoiding the situations that give rise to the habit occurring automatically. For example, if you often smoke after a coffee, you have to make sure there is no coffee. By breaking your habit, you will be less likely to have a craving to smoke. Instead of your habitual coffee, you can create a new pattern and have a cup of herbal tea and sit down to think or read, instead of smoking.

Meditation For Change

We all have spiritual energy, pure, of peace, love, truth and happiness without dependence. Being aware and experiencing this energy provides you with the inner strength necessary for change. Meditation is the method of access in order to allow that energy to come to the surface of your consciousness and in your mind in order to color your thoughts and feelings. In a way very similar to that of a volcano whose melted lava, hot, flows from the centre of the Earth to the surface, we, on meditating, can create volcanoes of power (which emerge in our conscious minds) required for personality transformation.

You can do an exercise, a meditation whereby you choose a habit or sanskar that you don't want, and you will replace it with a characteristic that you would like to incorporate, like a thread, into the cloth of your personality. For example, replace impatience with patience

The Mental Kaleidoscope

A kaleidoscope creates beautiful patterns from chaotic bits and pieces, which are scattered everywhere. When the kaleidoscope is turned, disorder becomes order, chaos becomes beauty and symmetry. The Drama of Life is constantly turning and we are part of its cyclic movement; sometimes this cyclic movement of life is supportive, comprehensible (understandable) and enjoyable and, at other times, it is tense, fearful, stressful and incomprehensible (not understandable). There is confusion and fear because we do not understand what is happening, why it is happening and how it will get better. Things not only appear chaotic but also hopeless. If the intellect is able to go beyond the questions of Why?, What? and How? and just be still, without judgements, or pressure, for some period of time, then things do work out. To do this requires faith.

The power of faith means that we know that somehow and somewhere right solutions and answers will come in their own time

To know your Fears Hidden

To overpower the fears within you, take a look at your hidden emotions and feelings. You first have to realize your feelings and emotions. Learn to manage and correct or overcome following the technique below you can achieve it. Choose a issue in your life that is negative and needs improvement. Now ask yourself the below questions.

  • What’s my aim and objective, what do I really want

  • What stops me from achieving my objective. Are there any obstacles

  • What stops me from overcoming the obstacles

For all the fear in point 3 ask the below questions

  1. What’s the worst scenario if it occurs?

  2. What is the best possible result for me and for others, if I do it even    though I feel afraid of doing it?

  3. Keeping in front of you the answer to question 2 and comparing it with the answer to question 1 will inspire you to overcome the fears that lie inside you.

Spiritual Energy is a Triangle

Today, when human beings seek love, meaning and purpose, they first connect horizontally (with others) rather than vertically (with the Supreme Source). This leads to a greater loss of energy and eventually dissatisfaction and emptiness. The vertical connection liberates the self from becoming dependent on someone else and from having too many expectations.

After the vertical connection, there can then be the horizontal connection with others, that is, with the outside or external.

The horizontal movement can be called 'reconnection'. When we have taken the first two steps (first inwards i.e. connection with the self and then upwards i.e. connection with the Supreme), we reconnect with others on the basis of openness and sharing, rather than selfishness and need. At this point, there are real relationships that are respectful and balanced, rather than a relationship of wanting, taking, or exploiting. We have come to understand that when we are well with ourselves, we will be well with others.

How Often And Why Do I Need To Meditate

We regularly and quite easily slip into four main negative habits. So meditation is not only sitting in a quiet corner, and connecting with the self and the Supreme, at a couple of fixed times during the day, but it is also the way to gently remember and remind ourselves, many times in a day, that we as well as others, are souls or spiritual beings not physical beings, by detaching ourselves from actions and also while being involved in actions. These reminders given to the self over a period of time become natural and prevent us from succumbing to these four habits

Making Your Dream A Reality (Visualization)

I relax my body... I let go of all tensions... I reduce the speed of my thoughts... I relax my mind, my thinking... I let go of what doesn't let me be well...

What is it that I the soul truly long for? What do I want in my life?

I listen to the answer that arises from the inside of the self... I let the answer come out spontaneously... I don't worry about it...

I visualize what I want and where I want to reach... Now I fly; I fly towards the destiny that I dream of... I visualize myself being what I want to be, doing what I want to do... Without fears, without strings that hold me... I am who I want to be... I see myself like that, having achieved it... I enjoy some moments of this experience... I experience my dream...

I can achieve my dream... I have to visualize it as if I had already achieved it... This strengthens my capacity to achieve it...

Now I return to the present moment... I prepare myself to enter into action with this conviction... I will make my dream a reality...

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