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Soul Records Consultation Services :

💧Complete Analysis of your Birth chart using Astrology, Numerlogy and Tarot ..
💧 Analysis of Soul Records (Past , Present and Future) using Akashik Records , MokshPattam ....
💧Healing for 21 days using multiple healing modalities 

Are you facing any of these challenges in life...???
👉🏻Relations 👨‍👩‍👧
👉🏻Health 🩺
👉🏻Legal Matters ...🏛️
These will be because of past life soul records.
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We will help you access your soul records (past , present and future) using Akashik Records , Moksh Pattam , Astrology, Numerlogy, Tarot .....🍁🍁🍁🍁
Plus we will give you one time healing using Rieki,  Lama Fera...and will also tell you about simple remedies.
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Also we undertake workshops if you are interested to learn and help others.



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Do join AKASHIC RECORDS READING WORKSHOP if you have the following questions.

♦️Why am I so confused in life?
♦️Why am I not so successful in my career?
♦️Why do I have strained relationships always?
♦️Why am I faced with difficult situations in life?

☄️Akashic Records workshop(online)

💎Contents of this course👇🏻
⭐What are Akashic Records?
⭐Benefits of Akashic Records.
⭐How to access the Akashik Records?
⭐Prayer to access the Akashic Records.
⭐How to read the records for yourself and others?
⭐Importance of Karmas.
⭐Procedure of Meditation to access the Akashic records.
⭐Clearing your Records.
⭐Rewriting your Records.
⭐Attunement given.
(Teacher Attunement also given)

💎Duration : 5 -6 days (online workshop)

📞Contact for inquiry 👇🏻
+91 9510980387 / 9987142693

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